Do all that we have, is money?

I reiterate this fact so much, but its essential. Time being the measure of life, we have 24 hours a day and what constitutes our life is how we spend the days months and years. When the years pass and we look back we do not look back at how many zeros we have in our bank account, rather we build memories, experiences and live the feeling of living each day with happiness.

Yes, money is essential for feeding us, taking care of our bills and necessities, but we should just treat is as a commodity. Do not just spend your life evaluating the massive amount of wealth that you have or want to accumulate. Simply because, it is not a measure of success, contentment and happiness.

If you have a normal watch or a Rolex or a Rado, how does it matter – both shows the time. Who do you have to boast in front of? What would you gain from it? If you have a basic android or a super expensive iphone, both have almost the same functionalities. Why would you deliberately want to spend for same/similar things but at five times the cost. Many of you here would answer, it is a good brand. Brand is made by companies, to differentiate their items with the other items in the market. Some take a hit and become famous and some are still mediocre. They are made by humans in large corporate hubs for reaping profit.

We should try and divide the categorisation of things we need in our life into necessity and wants – again an extremely basic and simple concept. But how often do we follow it. Why do we need sooooo much money – for what?

We can live in a basic home or a villa – its the choice we make – the choice for which we need to take actions to earn ‘a lot’ and they have consequences. We can wear basic clothes or branded, both just do the same things, cover us and make us look gorgeous, but the branded comes at a price that requires us to put a hell lot of effort to earn and accumulate that money to spend on some expensive brand.

Some would argue that if i have money i can buy anything and that would make me happy. Trust me, if you think so, there is something you need to immediately change in life. And that is your perception of happiness and peace. This is purely internal and comes from within. And even if you have loads of money, you will have issues which will range from “i only have this Ford accord car but i wana buy ferrari coz i don’t have it” or, “I have prada handbag but i don’t have the recent collection launched by Hermes”. Then you would count these things as happiness which is the exact opposite of why life is bestowed on us.

So stop running behind money so much, and start planning the life wisely. Start driving your life in a minimalist way, think actually why are you going to in the hustle to create more wealth and just keep buying unnecessary or fancy things. Rather, share love with your partner, devote time with your family, sit and do creative work like painting, singing, poetry, writing, cooking, stitching or gardening. When have we done this – we would say we don’t have time? No, that’s not true, we just are not managing our time in a proper way.

Let’s look at an everyday example – we get up in the morning and start looking at our huge wardrobe to decide which clothes to wear, which watch and shoes will go with it. Why can’t we have fewer but ultimately necessary things that gives us joy, thus narrowing down the choices in our lives, saving time and being clutter free.

Enjoy the air, the sun the cold, the rain, the chats with your family and friends, the dinner table giggles. The moment we have is now and if it passes it won’t come back. Time only moves in a forward direction and not otherwise. Let’s be happy in this moment. Do not take stress for some stupid and futile things in life and start to live the most precious gift – life.


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